High Hat Theatre present: The Book of Horrors - a workshop


An exciting workshop specifically for young people of 14 upwards, that enters the world of the supernatural and the creepy through theatre imagery and physical movement. 

It is inspired by High Hat Theatre’s new show, "The Shaded Veil,” and gives young people the chance to discover how we can tell fantasy stories, create atmospheres of suspense and weave together characters, images and objects into dramatic moments.

We will use the rich vein of Gothic fiction, of ghost stories and waking nightmares – all with the intention of stimulating the imagination in an exciting yet well-supported and safe environment.

Many of us have a sinister story to tell, and this is an exciting chance to explore and learn some ways of expressing our mental pictures and tales we all carry, in the movement- theatre style used by High Hat in our productions. We will help the group to devise their own material from the ideas that they produce in the session.

This workshop accompanies our show “The Shaded Veil” which in its turn was inspired by 19th century Gothic and fantasy fiction. So the workshop will relate well to work of the genre covered on English literature syllabuses, such as: the Brontes, Wilkie Collins, Conan Doyle, and the Romantic poets.

The workshops are suitable for:

Age range: 14-16 years and 16 upwards. We would where possible aim to work with these as separate target groups, though some crossover may be sometimes practical.

Where:   Schools, community centres, youth clubs/youth theatres.

          Festival and one-off events, sixth-form and FE colleges.

Duration:  1 day or ½ day (2 ½ hours, or 5-5 ½ hrs)

Numbers of participants:  20-24 ideal, max 25

Costs: half day £250 full day £400. By negotiation esp. if more than one day desired.

Artists: the workshop will be led by our 2 core company members, John Lang and Rachele Howard.

John Lang  Email John Lang

Telephone: +44 (0)1706 818077

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