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High Hat Theatre , based in Yorkshire , have been creating exciting performances and colourful spectacle internationally since 1999. We specialise in a very original style of movement-based theatre, that brings bold imagery and fantasy to audiences both indoors and outdoors. This style is rooted in our experience in many movement forms, from physical theatre and mime to classical Indian dance, Capoeira and static trapeze.

We offer theatre that is both celebratory and accessible, whilst exploring myths and magical motifs and the elements of mystery and ritual in theatre. The company has broadened from its origins in classical and modern mime into a more global range of cultural references. Our past shows have explored everything from Norse myth to Chinese poetry , while our latest show The Shaded Veil taps into a vein of fantasy closer to home, the dark Gothic imaginings of the Northern landscape.

In all our shows we use an expressive language of assured bodily movement and gesture that is by turns clear and direct, and yet poetic and symbolic - in this way it is our aim to trigger associations in the mind of the spectator, in the same way as dreams or poetry can do.

As a partnership John Lang and Rachèle Howard have a strong track record both of creating dynamic physical theatre and opening out their work to engage both adults’ and young people’s imaginations, often giving the chance to take part in public performances. With this in mind we have a range of workshops on offer –with new work developing all the time, so check out the site for updated details.

We are committed to bringing a high cultural standard of work to audiences and workshop participants, and we aim to present work that will remain memorable as something different than what might be expected from non-verbal theatre, be it outdoors or in theatres.

High Hat Theatre    email:

Flat 3, 4 Blenheim St, Scarborough, YO12 7EU, UK   tel:  +44 (0)1723 375881

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